The story of Roswell, New Mexico looms big in any conversation of UFOs.

In 1947, an unidentified craft crashed in a desert in the American southwest, stimulating all sorts of theories about secret federal government websites, stowed away extraterrestrial bodies, live alien detainees, and more.

However the fact is more than likely ordinary.

In the late 1940 s, as the Cold War increase, the United States was trying to find methods to keep an eye on the Soviet Union. The United States had actually dropped the very first 2 atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, and bewared about the USSR’s commitment to establishing their own atomic weapons ( they would prosper in 1949). One effort to keep an eye on the Soviets was the United States Flying force’s Task Magnate, which included releasing weather condition balloons that were attached with microphones and radio transmitters to listen for possible nuclear tests.

The job was ultimately ditched, however not prior to one such weather condition balloon crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

In 1997, around the 50 th anniversary of the Roswell Occurrence, the Flying force openly used this description of the event.

The Flying force likewise had a description for the claim that alien bodies had actually been recuperated from the crash website. Around the exact same time as Task Magnate, the United States armed force was establishing specialized parachutes and ejection seats for its high-speed, high-altitude airplane. Early tests of these seats included pressing dummies out of airplanes to see just how much a body would spin throughout the descent. For this reason, mangled, hairless humanoid “remains” in the desert.

Nevertheless, even after the info about these tests came out, UFO lovers were not encouraged, as the Washington Post reported