A muddy geyser took a substantial gash in Southern California. And it’s threatening the area’s facilities like a geologic poltergeist.

These mystical mud bubbles have actually developed an around 24,000- square-foot (2,230 square meters) basin that has to do with 18 feet deep and 75 feet large (5 by 23 m). And the geyser is gradually getting bigger, sneaking closer to railway tracks, Highway 111 and some pricey optic cable televisions owned by Verizon.

The geyser formed when historical earthquakes triggered deep fractures underground, which enabled gases (such as co2) to bubble up. It was stagnant for several years, and now there’s no stopping it. When Union Pacific constructed a huge wall out of stones and steel, the geyser merely slipped under, and went on its merry method. [Read more about the bubbling geyser]