Whether you’re interested by bees or tend flee from them, you take pleasure in the fruits of their labor: Bees play a crucial function in our community by pollinating plants.

Honeybees pollinate $15 billion worth of United States food crops, according to the AP; one-third of whatever Americans consume originates from pollinators like honey bees.

Sadly, bees’ numbers are decreasing. Scientists from the University of Maryland reported last month that about 40% of the United States’ honeybee nests passed away in between October 2018 and April 2019– the greatest winter season loss in 13 years. Another current research study discovered comparable issues in the UK: One-third of 353 wild bee and hoverfly types there experienced decreases in between 1980 and2013 These losses are mostly due to reducing crop variety, bad beekeeping practices, pesticides, and loss of environment (brought on by human activity and environment modification).

Provided these bugs’ essential function in our lives, here are 12 things you most likely didn’t learn about bees.