On Black Friday, as numerous Americans were shopping or hanging out with household, the Trump administration released a significant report on environment modification

The findings are alarming.

Typical temperature levels might increase by approximately 11 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century in a worst-case situation. We might view as much as 6 feet of sea-level increase. And the price connected with deaths from severe temperature levels might reach $140 billion if we continue business-as-usual.

The research study, called the “ National Environment Evaluation,” is the 4th in a continuous series mandated by a 1990 law. It takes a look at how environment modification is impacting the United States now and what the nation may appear like by the end of the century. Numerous researchers and other professionals from academic community, federal government, nonprofits, and the economic sector aid compose and examine it, a procedure that takes years.

Thanks to advances in environment science, this newest variation gets particular about how numerous areas of the United States will be affected in a different way, which financial sectors will take the hardest struck, and how health care expenses will increase as illness spread out and air quality worsens.

Here are the most essential and frightening takeaways from the report.