Last April, the U.S. Department of Justice stated the Alabama jail system is hazardous and unconstitutional

And current reform efforts have not altered a recorded culture of violence and abuse inside the jails, according to brand-new reporting.

The Montgomery Marketer talked to over 2 lots individuals put behind bars inside Alabama jails.

The consistency of experiences– from jail to jail, from lifers to the freshly put behind bars, from young and old, from black and white– paint a cooling picture of corruption, violence and the disintegration of state organizations supposed to fix and fix up.

Simply last month, the Alabama Department of Corrections revealed the death of 3 prisoners within the period of 8 days.

In reaction to the April Department of Justice report, Guv Kay Ivey launched a declaration stating the Department of Corrections currently acknowledged a number of the exact same locations of issue.

” Guv Ivey’s dedication to working carefully with the Legislature to solve this generational issue will eventually cause a 21 st Century jail system,” stated Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn.

In this 1A Throughout America discussion, we talk with a press reporter, a legislator and a supporter about the state of Alabama jails and efforts to reform these organizations.

Produced by Avery Kleinman.

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