A cryptocurrency blending service that turned over $200 million worth of Bitcoin has actually been closed down following an examination led by authorities from a variety of European countries.

The Dutch anti-fraud company (FIOD) and Public Prosecution Service revealed the other day they have actually closed down Bestmixer.io and taken its servers offline.

” 6 functional servers have actually been taken apart and taken in the Netherlands and Luxembourg,” the statement checks out.

The examination was carried out by the Dutch Digital Invasion Group (DIGIT), Europol, and authorities from Luxembourg, France, and Latvia. Examinations started in back in June 2018 after the cybersecurity company McAfee informed FIOD that Bestmixer.io was hosting its site on servers based in the Netherlands.

Bestmixer.io is thought to have actually been among the 3 biggest cryptocurrency blending services, having actually turned over $200 million because it started operations in Might 2018.

FIOD Bestmixer.io leading line statistics

While clients originated from all over the world, FIOD reports that Bestmixer was most popular in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. It provided cryptocurrency blending services to obscure the origin and location of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Money, and Litecoin deals.

Normally, blending services or tumblers accept deals from a variety of sources and integrate them prior to splitting them up once again, into the needed quantities, to be sent out on to their location. Mixers will take a charge for performing this procedure.

Technically speaking, blending tidy Bitcoins is not a criminal activity. Nevertheless, the legality enters concern when a blending service particularly markets itself as a technique to avert anti-money laundering policies. Suddenly, it’s not a blending service any longer, however a loan laundering service, as a article from McAfee mentions.

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Credit: McAfee Advanced Danger Research Study
Bestmixer.io mixer or laundering service?

” Mixing services form an essential however frequently neglected function in the cybercriminal economy,” McAfee’s Head of Cyber Investigations John Fokker stated in a declaration. “The worldwide remove of Bestmixer reveals Police is putting a spotlight on services that help with cybercrime and are striking cybercriminals where it injures the most: their wallets.”

Last October, information from cryptocurrency research study CipherTrace discovered that crooks utilized Bitcoin to wash $2.5 billion worth of unclean loan

Released May 23, 2019– 08: 50 UTC.