Do secret undersea tunnels link Antarctica to Australia? Here’s the important things: No.

Every once in a while, some Google Earth gawker notifications grid-like lines on the ocean flooring in the program and chooses they have actually exposed proof of a large conspiracy. This year, it was another UFO-obsessed YouTuber, who hypothesized that lines in the Southern Ocean and the Pacific Ocean may suggest structures constructed under the seafloor. Or they may be magical positionings of spiritual websites and other structures, called “ley lines,” he proposed, or some type of proof of a hollow Earth.

The “discovery” of seafloor lines is so typical that the U.S. National Ocean Service has an entire websites committed to these claims, entitled, “Did I discover the lost undersea civilization of Atlantis?” As the firm describes, the lines are not actually there. Rather, they originate from a problem that takes place when the information from 2 various finder studies get sewn together. The lines reveal the courses of finder ships as they collect high-resolution information that is then taken into a more comprehensive, lower-resolution map.