It does not appear possible that much of anything lives in Oymyakon, Russia, much less spiders. However 55 various types call this small, remarkably freezing town house. Oymyakon is hardly south of the Polar circle and is the website of the coldest temperature levels ever taped beyond Antarctica. In 2013, the town’s weather condition struck unfavorable 98 degrees Fahrenheit (unfavorable 72 degrees Celsius), its main low. In January 2017, U.S.A. Today explained that the temperature level in Oymyakon at the time was down to unfavorable 88 F (minus 67 C), which is cooler than the typical temperature level on Mars.

The spiders that reside in Oymyakon are sturdy steppe and forest types, according to a 2004 paper in the journal Arthropoda Selecta They are generally rather unassuming-looking animals like Arctella lapponica, a little brown spider likewise referred to as a meshweaving spider, or Philodromus alascensis, a spindly types that becomes part of a household referred to as the running crab spiders.