It’s been 3 years considering that 23 andMe, a customer genes business, relaunched a brand-new test that passed the analysis of the Fda and informed you whatever from just how much DNA you show our Neanderthal forefathers to just how much caffeine you likely take in.

However in addition to the origins information, it likewise offers you information on specific hereditary versions that can increase your probability of establishing specific illness. Beginning in March, 23 andMe got the consent for a breast cancer test that informs users whether they have actually specific anomalies associated with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Customer genes tests like 23 andMe have actually been acquiring in appeal. Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 alone, consumers purchased 1.5 countless 23 andMe competing AncestryDNA’s sets.

In October, 23 andMe opened an interactive pop-up exhibit in the middle of Manhattan to assist customers envision what their tests can do and much better comprehend the information they may get if they select to take the test. It becomes part of the business’s brand-new advertising campaign targeted at highlighting the info you can obtain from a report beyond origins.

The limited-time exhibition was open to the general public last weekend. In case you missed it, here’s what it resembled to go to.