Bar chart races are all the rage nowadays, and we could not miss out on the opportunity to get included over here at Plugged. So, uh, we did.

In our beautiful chart, we mesmerizingly envisioned what business offered the most phones annually from 1993 all the method through to2017 Why? Due to the fact that it’s fascinating as hell.

Examine it out:

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Cool! Where did you get this information from?

The Majority Of it we pulled from the really useful Wikipedia page, “ List of very popular smart phones” God bless that remarkable site. The rest (consisting of BlackBerry) we pulled by hand. And we did it for you.

With this in mind, these figures may not be completely exact, however does that matter? Not actually, it’s simply a little enjoyable.

Any surprises here?

Well, I had no concept the length of time Samsung has actually been a significant gamer in the video game. From around 1998, the Korean business has actually been near the top of the smart phone tree.

Something else that made me sit-up in shock was recognizing how couple of American business have in fact been huge gamers in the smart phone area. Motorola was huge back then, however this was rapidly surpassed by the Finnish Nokia. Certainly, Apple took the marketplace by storm and redefined mobile phones as a classification, however beyond that, America is in fact quite sporadic when it concerns handsets.

Another component that’s fascinating– though unsurprising if you have actually been following the mobile phone market– is the unexpected increase of Chinese phone makers. When the bar chart hits 2015, you can see a series of Chinese business soar the rankings.

Thinking about the nation’s population, this isn’t stunning, however it is a great visualization of our existing stage: where the majority of the marketplace’s development is being driven from the east, instead of, well, Apple I think.

Anyhow, take pleasure in that beautiful chart and, if you want to see some other information represented by this, contact us on Twitter

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Released March 29, 2019– 15: 05 UTC.