Fossil search in Antarctica, Science News, October 11, 1969–

look for additional fossil proof that Antarctica was when signed up with to other.
continents will be performed … A 17- guy group will look for fossils of ancient land.
vertebrates comparable to those discovered on continents now separated from Antarctica.
by approximately 2,000 miles of ocean.


That exact same year, 1969, researchers discovered fossil proof of the supercontinent Gondwana. Reptile bones discovered in Antarctica consisted of a 200- million-year-old hippolike animal called Lystrosaurus( SN: 12/13/69, p. 549). The animal resided on the continental mash-up of South America, Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica that existed from around 600 million to 180 million years back.

Another Antarctic exploration, in 1970, discovered a 200- million-year-old skeleton of a cynodont reptile, which looked like stays discovered in South America and India ( SN: 12/ 5/70, p. 428). The fossils and other geologic proof all however validated Gondwana’s presence( SN: 1/16/71, p. 49). Researchers later on determined how this continental jigsaw puzzle meshed( SN: 6/11/77, p. 372).