Screwworm fly upswing

Screwworms, the very first insect to be removed on a big scale by the usage of the sterilized male method, have actually revealed a worrying boost, according to U.S. and Mexican authorities … The screwworm fly lays its eggs in open injuries on livestock. The maggots reside on the flesh of their host, triggering damage and death, and financial losses of numerous countless dollars.
Science News, November 23, 1968


Though eliminated in the United States in 1966, screwworms reemerged 2 years later on, most likely showing up from Mexico. Break outs in southern U.S. states in 1972 and in Florida in 2016 were both managed with the sterilized male method, thought about among the most effective methods for insect control. Males are disinfected with radiation, then launched into a population to reproduce with wild equivalents; no offspring outcome. The approach has actually been utilized with other bugs, such as mosquitoes, which were come by drones over Brazil this year as a test prior to the innovation is utilized versus break outs like the Zika infection.