Science News cover from October 26, 1968

Security challenged —

Americans take in 8,000 lots of sweetening agents every year … positive that the chemical sweeteners are safe. Producers firmly insist that they are; the sugar market … insists they are not … [B] oth camps overloaded FDA with in-depth proof benefits and drawback.– Science News, October 26, 1968


Let’s not sugarcoat it: The argument isn’t over. Fifty years back, the Fda stated there was no proof of health dangers from cyclamates, one kind of sweetener. Ever since, different sweeteners have actually ended up being common in sodas, reduced-calorie yogurts and more. A 2014 research study in mice and human beings exposed that saccharin might change the gut microbiome, mucking with the body’s capability to utilize glucose( SN: 10/18/14, p. 6). Another research study recommended that sweetening agents in diet plan sodas may motivate overindulging by hindering how the brain keeps tabs on calories( SN: 7/14/12, p. 14). These research studies hint that sweetening agents might really promote diabetes and weight problems– the specific reverse of what’s meant.