Science News cover from Sept. 21, 1968

Girding versus a brand-new stress

Influenza can be found in lots of kinds, and the existing vaccine … has little impact versus a beginner that has actually affected a minimum of 400,000 individuals in Hong Kong. The Asian city was the source of the 1957 epidemic in the United States. Worries that it might supply a springboard for another one have actually triggered the general public Health Service to ask 8 pharmaceutical business to start production of a specialized vaccine.– Science News, September 21, 1968


The 1968 Hong Kong influenza pandemic eliminated about a million individuals worldwide. A vaccine appeared just after the pandemic had actually peaked. Even today, influenza vaccine advancement is difficult since the 3 kinds of influenza infection that contaminate individuals are moving targets that alter, or mutate, frequently. However researchers are getting closer to making universal influenza vaccines that would safeguard versus lots of influenza stress over several seasons. Some prospects target parts of the influenza infection that are less vulnerable to alter. Others assemble all apparently possible anomalies of a specific influenza range into one vaccine( SN: 10/28/17, p. 18).