Science News cover from April 26, 1969

Another path to 104

In 1964, a couple of radioactive atoms existed for three-tenths of a 2nd in a Soviet lab, and G.N. Flerov and his coworkers, who discovered it, revealed the discovery of component104 However the statement was consulted with uncertainty in the United States … Now, U.S. researchers state they have actually gone their own path to confine the evasive component.– Science News, April 26, 1969


Chemists in the United States and Soviet Union quarrelled for years over who was worthy of discovery credit for specific aspects beyond fermium, component 100 on the table of elements, with each side designating the aspects various names. Referred to as the Transfermium Wars, the Cold War– period disagreement wasn’t settled up until the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry actioned in and appointed names in the 1990 s. Just recently, U.S. and Russian researchers combined forces to find 3 of the table of elements’s 4 most recent aspects ( SN: 3/2/19, p. 16). The table now extends previous component 104, rutherfordium, to component 118, oganesson, at the end of the table’s seventh row ( SN Online: 2/12/18).