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We know you know Marco Polo; but have you ever played a pool game called “Colors”? It’s a similar idea, with a player who is “it” trying to tag the other players, but with a fun variation for when M.P. gets a little old.

Start by deciding which colors you’ll “use” and which you won’t use, lest the game drag on as players choose outliers like cornflower or puce. You can keep it basic by simply using the colors of the rainbow.) Next, the person who is “it” stands near the edge or deck of the pool, facing away from the water. The players in the pool each silently choose their own color. The person who is “it” starts calling out different colors, slowly and clearly.

It Still Works explains what to do next:

When the one who is “it” guesses someone’s color, that person quickly swims to the other side of the pool to the safe spot. Everyone else stays where they are.

Tell the child who is “it” to jump in the pool when someone swims away. He must catch the swimmer. If he catches the swimmer before she reaches the safe place on the other side of the pool, then she becomes “it.” Play continues if the child who is “it” doesn’t catch the swimmer. The round ends when someone is caught.

This one is for older kids and strong swimmers, though for safety reasons, it should still be only be played with adult supervision.

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