Illustration for article titled 6 Strategies for Managing After-School Meltdowns

Photo: Aliaksandr Bukatsich (Shutterstock)

Back-ish to SchoolBack-ish to SchoolNormally we’re sending kids back into the classroom right about now, but nothing is normal this year. This week we’re exploring ways to help manage our domestic and academic new normals.

Back-to-school is traditionally a stressful and trying time for kids. They just spent an entire summer (plus those “bonus” pandemic months in the spring) playing Minecraft, running through sprinklers, staying up late and catching all that ice cream you dropped from the rooftop. Now they’re either expected to sit still in a classroom with a mask on all day, or they’re logging in from home and sulking through Zoom lessons. You’d be a little tired and cranky, too, if you were in their position. (Chances are, you’re tired and cranky anyway.)

They are going to do their best to keep it together at school and then the second they get home and discover you are out of their favorite snack, the proverbial shit is gonna hit the proverbial fan. That is to say, I am predicting our kids’ meltdowns are going to be extra quality this year.

Luckily, we have written about tantrums a lot, so we may have some fresh tactics for you to try when you’re like, “Holy hell, what is happening, what are they even upset about?”