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Sure, print is slowly dying, but printed magazines are still one of the very best things a person can find in the mailbox—and that’s especially true for kids (and for parents looking for any avenue to limit screen time).

If I had to place a bet, I’d guess the first magazine I ever subscribed to was Highlights, a motley collection of short fiction, games, informative pieces—and who could forget Goofus and Gallant, whose admittedly on-the-nose names taught us moral lessons and not to be a total jerk (an example from Wikipedia: “Goofus bosses his friends. Gallant asks, ‘What do you want to do next?’” I can think of some adults who could stand to learn that lesson.)

While you can still subscribe to Highlights, most of my other favorite kid- and teen-friendly rags went under ages ago: Barbie magazine, Disney Adventures, Teen People, YM, Teen, Seventeen (though that one still survives online).

Here are a few of our favorite mags to keep your kid entertained, both in the midst of quarantine and once they are finally able to return to their regularly scheduled activities (fingers crossed).