In 2013, authorities in Michigan chose to change the source of Flint’s drinking water to the Flint River instead of Detroit City water. The relocation was obviously meant to be a short-term repair while they waited on the Karegnondi Water Authority’s system, which would offer water from Lake Huron.

Homeowners raised issues about the brand-new water source nearly instantly and a boil order entered into impact simply a couple of months later on after the water evaluated favorable for coliform germs which generally showed that pathogens exist in the water.

Though authorities in the city firmly insisted the water was safe after a couple of months, physicians from the Hurley Medical Center discovered high levels of lead in the blood of kids in Flint utilizing relative blood tests from in the past and after the water source switch. The portion of kids with high lead levels in their blood doubled, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who carried out the tests, informed NPR.

Scientists from Virginia Tech discovered that the water from the Flint River most likely wore away the lead in the pipelines, which professionals think poisoned the citizens for 18 months in between 2014 and2015


The polluted water has actually likewise been blamed for a boost in a serious kind of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ illness thanks to the low levels of chlorine.

According to PBS in 2018, while the authorities record states that 90 individuals were made ill and 12 were eliminated, an examination reveals that as numerous as 119 deaths that year from pneumonia might have been brought on by legionella germs in the water.

In addition, a research study discovered that fetal death rates increased and fertility rates dropped following the water-source switch.

Today, the water has actually been reported to be at appropriate levels of water quality, however numerous have actually revealed doubt over its security.