Sony’s got a brand name brand-new PlayStation console coming out on December 3: the $100 PlayStation Classic, a miniaturized variation of the timeless PlayStation 1 console.

It’s not an precise reproduction of the initial console from the mid-’90 s. Rather, it’s a lookalike with totally various internal hardware:

The PlayStation Classic (left) has to do with 45% smaller sized than the initial PlayStation (best), according to Sony.

There’s no CD-ROM to read your PlayStation 1 video games, and the RCA ports in the back have actually been switched for the even more modern-day HDMI equivalent. It’s a miniaturized re-creation, along the lines of Nintendo’s extremely popular NES and Super NES Classic Edition consoles.

You can even hold it in your palm!

The PlayStation Classic is small and cute.

It might be a PlayStation 1 in appearances alone, however it likewise plays a smattering of PlayStation 1 video games.

There are 20 video games in overall developed into the console, and Sony exposed the complete list on Monday It varies from the apparent (” Citizen Evil,” “Metal Equipment Solid,” “Twisted Metal”) to the odd (” Smart Qube”).

However it’s been years because much of us last played these video games.

The good news is, Sony assembled a video showcasing all 20 video games– a good refresher (or intro!) which we have actually embedded right here: