A 230-Year-Old Secret Code Is Inscribed on a Rock in France. Can You Decipher It?

At low-tide, a rock engraved with a 230- year-old code emerges on a beach in France. The town where it lies is now providing a bounty to anybody who can analyze the composing engraved there.

Credit: FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Do you elegant yourself a puzzler? A code breaker? A shrewd linguist? Your services might be needed in France.

A town in northwest France has actually used a benefit of 2,000 euros ($ 2,240) for anybody who can decrypt the series of letters and signs sculpted into a stone near town.

Found on a beach near the town of Plougastel-Daoulas, Brittany, and just noticeable at low tide, the stone was found 3 or 4 years ago however is thought to have actually been engraved more than 200 years prior to. According to the French news website AFP.com, one side of the rock is totally embellished in jumbled uppercase; signs consisting of an image of a sailboat and a heart; and the dates 1786 and1787 [Are There Secret Codes in the Mona Lisa?]

VĂ©ronique Martin, a town authorities, informed AFP that those dates represent the building and construction of numerous weapons batteries constructed to safeguard a close-by fort.

Whether this info has anything to do with the mystical engraving has actually baffled going to academics and amateur code breakers for several years. Now, the town has actually opened the puzzle to the general public, providing folks up until Nov. 30 to send their guesses. A jury will choose which analysis is more than likely and award the 2,000 euro reward after that, AFP reported.

According to AFP, the clear parts of the engraving read: “ROC AR B … DRE AR GRIO SE EVELOH AR VIRIONES BAOAVEL … R I OBBIIE: BRISBVILAR … FROIK … AL.”

Town authorities informed AFP that the contest guidelines and submission info are offered at Plougastel-Daoulas’ town hall.They have actually not stated whether global puzzlers will have the ability to send their responses online.

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