Recently, a 30- million-page archive of human history and civilization introduced aboard a spacecraft headed for the moon.

The so-called “Lunar Library” is a little nanotech gadget that looks like a DVD, and it’s meant as a “backup strategy” so that whatever we have actually ever found out as human beings does not get lost in time, according to the not-for-profit behind the concept, the Arch Objective Structure

The gadget is set up on Israel’s Beresheet lander, which introduced recently and is anticipated to touch down on the moon in April. Including 25 nickel disks, each 40 microns thick, the archive is developed to stand up to area conditions. It holds a wide variety of kinds of information discussing, well, human beings. [10 Surprising Moon Facts]

The disks include countless pictures of book pages, images, illustrations, files, the English Wikipedia, whole books, clinical handbooks, and a secret that discusses languages and translations in between them. This library likewise includes tunes, text and kids’s illustrations associating with Israel’s history and culture.

It’s the 3rd in a series of archives that comprise the Billion Year Archive effort. The task intends to put copies of this information in a number of put on Earth and in area so that the info is likelier to make it through billions of years into the future.

The gadget includes both bigger text that can quickly read with an easy magnifying glass and smaller sized text and images that can be accessed just utilizing more-powerful microscopic lens and innovation.

Let’s hope the extraterrestrials have a microscopic lense … or an actually excellent eye.

Initially released on Live Science