American explorer Colin O’Brady ended up being the very first individual to cross Antarctica alone and unaided on December 26, when he reached the Ross Ice Rack.

The 33- year-old skied 932 miles throughout the southern continent in 54 days without getting resupplied– which needed him to bring whatever he ‘d require throughout the journey on a sled. Everybody who attempted to achieve that task prior to O’Brady either quit or passed away.

However O’Brady took a trip with outstanding speed throughout Antarctica, finishing the journey method ahead of his 70- day objective. That enabled him to beat British explorer Louis Rudd, who was likewise trying to set the record. Since Thursday afternoon, Rudd had to do with 50 miles away from his goal at the Leverett Glacier.

When O’Brady triggered, his sled weighed 400 pounds It included a camping tent, a sleeping bag, video cameras, a satellite phone, and 30 pounds of fuel for cooking. The majority of the sled’s weight, nevertheless, originated from 220 pounds of food– adequate to assist O’Brady make it through for more than 2 months.

“It’s a huge mathematics formula because every calorie you contribute to your sled, obviously, includes weight to the sled,” O’Brady informed Company Expert. “You desire the most effective calories, however in the lightest-weight plans.”

Since O’Brady needed to keep the weight load as low as possible, his diet plan sounded rather unappetizing. It included oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, soup, and unique “Colin Bars” that his sponsor, Requirement Process Supplements, produced him. There was no area for range or fresh food throughout the trek, O’Brady stated.

“I actually consume the very same thing in the very same series every day,” he stated in November.

O’Brady stated he began every day by boiling water for his oatmeal, into which he ‘d blend protein powder and additional oil as a source of fat. After that, he would consume about 500 calories’ worth of the “Colin Bars” every 90 minutes. Each bar included a mix of nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and other whole-food supplements. Those were the source of most of his energy.

“Every little gram and ounce that I put in my sled needs to deserve it, you understand?” O’Brady informed Company Expert prior to he started the trek. “There’s no playbook to go off of.”

In the middle of the day, O’Brady consumed ramen with additional salt and taken in a couple portions of vegetable protein. Prior to among his 4 freeze-dried supper choices– his favorite of which was chili– the traveler would likewise consume 4 cups of chicken-noodle soup.

The food amounted to about 7,000 calories each day, O’Brady stated.

On December 16, simply 10 days prior to he completed the trek, O’Brady composed that he had “simply enough” food to “ideally” last till completion. He likewise kept in mind that he had actually lost a great deal of weight. The 6-foot-tall explorer generally weighs about 165 pounds, however he expanded to about 185 for this trek. That additional heft and muscle mass did not last.

“My calves feel more like the size of my arms at this moment,” O’Brady composed. “My watch is beginning to move around on my wrist and I have actually needed to tighten up the strap. Nevertheless I handled another 20+ mile day on these slim legs.”

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Colin O’Brady trains in preparation for his trek throughout Antarctica.
Thanks To Colin O’Brady

O’Brady stated in among his Instagram posts throughout the trek that achieving this objective would not have actually been possible without a healthy mind and body.

Regardless of his weakened condition and minimal food supply, O’Brady chose to press through the last 80 miles approximately of the journey without picking up more than a meal break or brief rest. It took him over 32 hours.

After he lastly reached the surface on Wednesday, O’Brady published a picture of himself calling his better half, Jenna Besaw, with tears in his eyes.

“While the last 32 hours were a few of the most difficult hours of my life, they have actually rather truthfully been a few of the very best minutes I have actually ever experienced,” he composed. “I was secured a deep circulation state the whole time, similarly concentrated on completion objective, while permitting my mind to state the extensive lessons of this journey.”