Someplace in the Pacific Ocean, swimmer Ben Lecomte is kicking through garbage.

Lecomte swam throughout the Atlantic Ocean– from the United States to France– in 1998, and he attempted to end up being the very first individual to swim throughout the Pacific in 2015, taking a trip 1,753 miles prior to calling it gives up.

This year, he chose to rake through a swirling vortex of trash in between Hawaii and California referred to as the Great Pacific Trash Spot.

“I’m not attempting to choose any record,” Lecomte informed Service Expert from the sailboat that’s following him as he swims. “It’s a special chance to reveal precisely what is under the surface area.”

The mankind discards about 8 million pounds of plastic garbage into the oceans every year For context, the average 16.9- ounce bottle of water weighs less than 13 grams, so there are at least 35 water bottles in a pound of garbage. However obviously, bottles are not the only litter in the sea: there are abandoned fishing internet, clothes hamper, toilet seats, tooth brushes, and far more.

Currents sweep up a great deal of this plastic and bring it to a handful of places in the ocean. The Great Pacific Trash Spot is the most popular of these garbage vortices– it’s double the size of Texas and now holds 79,000 lots of garbage

That’s what Lecomte is swimming through. He desires the effort to bring more awareness to the problem of plastic intake and reveal individuals what the trash spot actually appears like.

“I wish to share what it is through swimming and bring individuals with me,” he stated.

Here’s what Lecomte’s journey has actually appeared like up until now.