San Francisco’s Centuries Tower has actually been shrouded in debate for many years– however its fate has actually never ever looked bleaker than it does today.

Considering that its opening in 2009, the 58- story high-rise building has actually sunk 17 inches and slanted another 14 inches to the northwest, triggering numerous locals to hypothesize about problems with the structure’s structure that might endanger their security.

The structure’s unstable footing has actually triggered a host of other debates, consisting of weakened house worths, allegations of scams, and years of legal fights. Citizens have actually likewise suffered mystical smells, bubbling floorings, broken walls, and a huge crack in the window on the 36 th flooring.

In spite of these worrying reports, designers have yet to the identify the reason for the tilting and sinking. Though detectives firmly insist the structure is sound, they deal with installing apprehension about the structure’s future.

Here’s a history of whatever that’s failed with the tower in the last years.