Facebook’s Messenger Children is expected to offer moms and dads total control over who their kids chat can with on the app. However as The Edge reported on Monday, that crucial pledge appears to have actually been broken, thanks to a style defect with the app.

According to the report, Messenger Children had a style defect that enables a scenario in which a kid can get in a group chat with other users– consisting of grownups– who had not been preapproved by their moms and dads.

A Facebook representative validated with Organisation Expert on Monday that kids had actually been permitted to talk with friends-of-friends in group settings within Messenger. All users in the chat groups had actually been authorized by somebody’s moms and dads, the representative stated, simply not always authorized by the moms and dad’s of the kid getting in the chat.

“We just recently informed some moms and dads of Messenger Children account users about a technical mistake that we identified impacting a little number of group talks,” Facebook informed Organisation Expert. “We switched off the impacted chats and supplied moms and dads with extra resources on Messenger Children and online security.”

The Facebook representative would not provide a specific variety of kids affected, other than to state it was someplace in the thousands. The representative likewise stated the bug was found over the last couple weeks, and ever since, the business has actually informed the moms and dads of afflicted kids.

Personal privacy settings for kids having individually chat discussions within Messenger Children were not impacted, according to Facebook.

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News of the personal privacy defect for Messenger Children, which is created for kids under the age of 13, comes as some personal privacy supporters have actually contacted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to examine the app over accusations of gathering information on its minor users– which would be an offense of the Kid’s Online Personal privacy Security Act.

Facebook currently deals with a possible $5 billion fine from the FTC for breaking a personal privacy authorization decree set by the commission.