Samara Weaving plays a brand-new bride-to-be who should endure a lethal video game of hide-and-seek in the horror/comedy All Set or Not

A young bride-to-be’s idealized wedding event night takes a lethal turn when her eccentric brand-new in-laws firmly insist that playing a video game at midnight is a household custom in the red-band trailer for All Set or Not, an upcoming comic scary movie from Fox Searchlight. Per io9, “It’s type of The Purge fulfills every newlywed-themed gothic scary film ever ( Rebecca, Crimson Peak) however with a pitch-black funny bone.” That seems like a winning mix.

Grace (Samara Weaving) can’t think her good luck when she falls for Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien), a member of a rich video gaming dynasty– although the household chooses the term “rule.” After a picture-perfect wedding event on the household estate, Alex notifies her that there’s simply another rule to be observed: “At midnight, you need to play a video game. It’s simply something we do when somebody signs up with the household.”

That video game ends up being hide-and-seek, other than Grace quickly finds that, as played by the Le Domas household, it has less in typical with an innocent kids’s leisure activity and more with the timeless 1924 narrative “ One Of The Most Unsafe Video Game” Grace is the victim, and she should avoid detection up until dawn to prevent being eliminated in a strange routine sacrifice.

” They believe they need to eliminate you prior to daybreak or something really bad will occur to the household,” Alex apologetically describes. Grace does appear to have Alex on her side, and she is additional assisted by her in-laws’ utter incompetence with weapons, in addition to their propensity to massacre house maids by error. (” Does she appear like she’s using a huge bridal gown?”)

All in all, the film appears like great bloody enjoyable. All Set or Not strikes theaters August 23, 2019.

Noting image by YouTube/Fox Searchlight