Niantic today launched the very first gameplay video footage for its approaching mobile video game Harry Potter: Wizards Unify, lastly offering gamers some concept of what its AR wizardry would appear like. However does it really appear like a Harry Potter video game?

Credit: Warner Bros

Wan na feel old? It’s been 22 years considering that Bloomsbury released the very first Harry Potter book and brought our preferred wonderful school child to the world’s attention. There’s both an entire generation of grownups who matured along with him, and another who have actually never ever understood a world without him. Raise your hand if you had even the tiniest hint we had actually still be here, years later on, excitedly prepared to demolish the most recent piece of Harry Potter media.

When the teaser trailer for Wizards Unify came out, I dissected it(as finest I might provided there was no gameplay) to attempt and recognize what would remain in the video game. Particularly, I stated:

What “traces” of magic will we be seeing, aside from stubborn Quidditch balls? Will we see sticking around spell impacts, furtive dark wizards, or maybe those “great monsters” I’ve heard a lot about? Will we have the ability to carry out spells ourselves with flicks of our phones?

Ends up the response is “Yes to all of the above, basically.” According to Niantic, a “catastrophe” has actually befallen the Wizarding World, and the gamer is entrusted with obtaining wonderful “Foundables” that have actually made their method into the “Muggle world”– which, considering that it’s generally the like our world, I’ll presume ways non-magic-controlled locations. This can obviously consist of errant traces of magic, beasties, memories, products, and even well-known characters. You’ll have the ability to battle with Dark Wizards, though the mechanics of it have actually not been discussed to my complete satisfaction.

Credit: Warner Bros

So my concern is: does this make good sense?

And no, I’m not one of those individuals who holds on to some foolproof, changeless “canon.” What I imply is, has the entire facility of Pokemon GO been effectively equated into the Harry Potter franchise, for which it has to do with as similar as daisy is to a cherry tomato? And a few of the mechanics that work so well with Pokemon feel a little odd in HP

For instance, the gamer has a limited resource called “Spell Energy,” which drains pipes whenever you utilize magic to include Foundables. As such, the gamer requires to stop at inns for “food and beverage” to renew it. This is odd, considering that casting spells isn’t truly thought about a tax on energy in the books– it’s more a matter of your ability and experience. And inns? Seems like we’re attempting a little too tough to discover a replacement for health clubs that’ll fit deep space, and I’m not precisely offered.

I’m not attempting to be choosy however … you understand, it’s Harry Potter If I do not inspect it, I guarantee somebody else will.

Credit: Warner Bros/Niantic

Niantic likewise included its statement that in-game occasions would be most likely to occur in public locations: “[C] ertain Foundables might be most likely to appear at different kinds of real-world areas consisting of parks, banks, courts, college schools, libraries, monoliths, zoos, art galleries, and more.”

Courts, huh? Do not learn about you men, however I can’t wait to see a wizard battle going on down at the DMV. It ‘d definitely spice things up some.

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Calling All Wizards! A First Take A Look At Harry Potter: Wizards Unify
on Niantic

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