A Florida lady had the ability to send out help to her storm-trapped family members, after identifying their call for aid on an aerial picture of Cyclone Michael‘s damage

Amber Gee informed ABC News on Wednesday that she left with her 2 children the day after the cyclone hit, and figured her family members in Youngstown, Florida did the exact same.

However when she searched for her granny’s address on aerial maps launched by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, she saw the word “AID” defined in downed trees on the yard.

Gee then utilized the photos to get assist from regional police, who sent out teams to clear the method to the house at around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

“Obviously they needed to cut through a great deal of downed trees to arrive,” Gee informed ABC.

At your house, they discovered Gee’s auntie, uncle, and a household good friend hunching down. Gee’s granny, who remains in her 80 s, had actually left prior to the storm.

In a Facebook post, which we saw on U.S.A. Today, Bay County Emergency situation Solutions called the story “a fish story of how individuals are interacting in this circumstance.”

Since Monday, 18 individuals have actually been validated dead in Cyclone Michael. That number is anticipated to grow with lots still missing out on in the hardest-hit town of Mexico Beach.