If you’re residing in Germany, you ought to beware about what you’re texting. Since according to Spiegel Online, the nation’s Federal Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, desires encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram to supply chat logs in plain text to the authorities.

Considering that these services featured end-to-end file encryption, the business will need to break the file encryption and supply a backdoor to admit to the texts. This can result in the federal government intruding individuals personal messages. Plus, there’s a threat of hackers accessing individual info through the backdoor too.

Berlin-based messaging service Wire informed Spiegel that this action would have disastrous impacts. We have actually connected to WhatsApp and Telegram for remark.

This is not the very first time a nation is asking encrypted services to turn over messages in plain text. In 2015, in a proposed modification, Indian authorities recommended a 72- hour window to trace the origin of “illegal” messages Previously this year, WhatsApp strongly stated that it will not supply any access to personal text.

This subject is set to be tabled at the upcoming interior ministers’ conference in Kiel next month. The world will watch on this to determine Germany’s position on personal privacy and file encryption.