Environment-friendly metal straws have actually been all the rage after numerous US states enacted restrictions versus single-use plastic straws, however a disaster in the UK may have some customers reconsidering.

According to The Daily Echo, Elena Struthers-Gardner, a 60- year-old retired jockey called “Lena,” suffered a deadly brain injury after she tripped and fell on a metal straw, which pierced her brain at her house in Broadstone, England.

Struthers-Gardner was bring a mason-jar-style drinking glass with a screw-top when she stumbled while holding the drink container, triggering the 10- inch stainless-steel straw to go through her left eye socket and eventually into her brain, according to the report.

According to The Daily Echo, the death of Struthers-Gardner triggered a coroner caution “that metal drinking straws need to never ever be utilized with a cover that repairs them in location, and ‘excellent care must be taken’ while utilizing them.”

Metal drinking straws have actually begun turning up in shops and dining establishments around the globe following reports that single-use plastic straws are not just incapable of being recycled due to the fact that of their little size, however are likewise particularly treacherous to sea animals. A viral video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw gotten rid of from its nose triggered prevalent protest that assisted galvanize the “state no to plastic straws” motion.

There are 2 primary variations of metal straws offered: stiff single-piece straws and retractable straws. In 2016, Starbucks remembered a stiff metal straw it offered, pointing out “injury danger.” The type and brand name of metal straw that Struthers-Gardner was utilizing was not discussed in the initial report of the mishap.

Mandy Struthers-Gardner, Lena’s spouse of 4 years, informed the coroner she didn’t instantly hear the fall when it occurred in November 2018, however later on discovered her on the ground making odd sounds, the Daily Echo reported.

“I went to the kitchen area door and might see Lena pushing her front at the entrance in between the den and the kitchen area,” Mandy Struthers-Gardner informed the coroner in a declaration. “She was making uncommon gurgling noises. Her glass cup was pushing the flooring still undamaged and the straw was still in the container.”

“I observed the straw was penetrating her head. I called 999 and asked for an ambulance,” she included.