A female in Israel might have irreparable mental retardation after consuming just juice and water for 3 weeks, according to report.

The female, who remains in her 40 s, was hospitalized recently with serious poor nutrition and weighed less than 88 pounds (40 kgs), the Israeli news outlet Mako reported She had a serious salt imbalance due to the fact that of the diet plan, and there is issue that she has actually established “irreparable mental retardation,” according to Mako.

The particular kind of salt imbalance wasn’t reported, however the female might have established hyponatremia, according to the Daily Mail

Hyponatremia happens when salt levels in the blood are too low; and it can be triggered by consuming excessive water, according to the Mayo Center

When salt in the blood is too low, water relocations inside cells to much better stabilize the concentration of salt. However this boost in water can trigger cells to swell, according to the National Institutes of Health

Such swelling is especially troublesome when it takes place in brain cells. In serious cases, quick brain swelling can cause coma and even death, the Mayo Center states.

Although drinking water is crucial for health, the Mayo Center warns individuals not to exaggerate it, as extreme water consumption can cause hyponatremia. In addition, throughout requiring activities such as endurance running, individuals might wish to think about changing some water with sports drinks which contain electrolytes, which can likewise assist avoid hyponatremia.

Initially released on Live Science