I’m gon na put this out there: the BOOM 3 is the very best. I could not request for anything more from a Bluetooth speaker– it sounds terrific, it’s portable, and, excitingly, it’s likewise water resistant. God, I like it.

Well, hope you’re sitting conveniently, due to the fact that I will inform you the tale of how I fell head over heels for a round piece of innovation. It’s more intriguing than it sounds, I guarantee.

Here’s me holding the BOOM 3 as much as the paradises in thanks.

So, around 3 or 4 years earlier, I was on the hunt for a good Bluetooth speaker. I ‘d been utilizing this little pill speaker called the X-Mini, which I have a great deal of love for, however it simply didn’t hack it. I required something much better. I searched online, explored stores, however absolutely nothing captured my eye.

Then, an associate brought a BOOM 2 into work. Initially I believed it was gimmicky. I ‘d never ever become aware of Ultimate Ears and, let’s be sincere here, it’s a quite dumb name. The ideal speaker I was envisioning in my head likewise looked more like the Bose Soundlink, not something protein shaker-shaped. However as quickly as the music began playing I was blown away.

Not just was the damn thing as loud as a (little) performance, however it provided a complete, abundant, and clear noise. The bass was smooth, strong, however subtle. I remained in love. Quickly after, I purchased one and, for the next couple of years, it was my continuous buddy.

Whether it was clubs, parks, or celebrations, I constantly had my BOOM 2 close-by. It accompanied me on vacation. Hell, I even showered with the damn thing It was a long term love … up until the BOOM 3 came out. Then I flung it to the dirt in favor of its more recent brother or sister.

The essential functions are the very same– the terrific battery life, the 360- degree noise, and the capability to daisy-chain as much as 150 speakers– however there are a couple of much-needed upgrades.

To Start With, the BOOM 3 drifts. This may not appear essential, however, speaking as somebody who extolled the water resistant quality of the BOOM 2, dropped it in the swimming pool on vacation to show a point, and after that enjoyed with scary while it sank to the bottom, this upgrade is an Advantage.

Luckily, the BOOM 2 still worked completely after its submersion, however it’s great to understand I will not be shamed in the very same method by its follower.

It might not be drifting, however here’s proof of its waterproofness (is that a word?)

The BOOM 3 likewise got a much-needed remodeling. The previous design wasn’t unsightly, however it definitely didn’t look as modern-day and streamlined as the brand-new one.

The BOOM 2 is on the left, while the BOOM 3 is on the right. There’s a quite huge visual upgrade there.

The only thing I do not like about the BOOM 3 is quite small– there’s no longer an aux slot. To be sincere, I just utilized this on the BOOM 2 a handful of times, however I liked that it existed. It’s barely a deal-breaker, however it is a little unfortunate.

There are a variety of other brand-new little touches (like the button that lets you stop briefly tracks, when prior to you needed to kinda slap the gadget to get it to stop), however I’m just delighted they kept my preferred function: the capability to turn the speaker on from the Ulimate Ears app. I truthfully can’t inform you the number of early mornings I’m laying in bed having a hard time to get up, open the Ultimate Ears app, power on the BOOM 3, and blast out some music to get my day began.

Who is the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 for?

Well, me, clearly.

Apart from that, anybody who is on the hunt for a mid-range, portable Bluetooth speaker. The BOOM 3 is difficult, has a big noise, and fits quickly in any knapsack.

Truthfully, I like the damn thing. It has actually ended up being a consistent part of my life and the only factor I do not have it in my bag now is I’m just 5 minutes far from house. Generally– and like a huge old unfortunate case– the BOOM 3 simply makes me delighted. Ugh, I flinched simply composing that, however what can you do? Feeling is a requiring partner.

If you wish to fall for your own Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, you can get it from:

It’ll be the very best relationship you’ll ever have. Well, up until the BOOM 4 comes out in a number of years.

Released February 15, 2019– 15: 51 UTC.

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