The Federal Air travel Administration revealed in August that it was prohibiting particular designs of Apple’s MacBook Pro from being employed flights, whether as freight, or in guests’ carry-on baggage.

The recall, which Apple revealed in June, uses to 15- inch MacBook Pro systems mainly offered in between September 2015 and February2017 Apple stated the battery in the impacted laptop computers can get too hot, possibly swelling or sparking.

In a declaration, the FAA stated it was “familiar with the remembered batteries that are utilized in some Apple MacBook Pro laptop computers” and advised airline companies to follow security standards provided in 2016 about customer electronic devices with remembered batteries.

According to those standards, electronic devices with remembered batteries must not be permitted on flights as freight or in carry-on baggage. That would use to the impacted MacBook Pros.

In addition to the FAA, a variety of airline companies and regulative bodies throughout the world have actually provided assistance associating with the harmful laptop computers.

Scroll down for a list of airline companies, firms, and nations that have actually prohibited or limited the remembered MacBook Pro from flights.

To see if your laptop computer is impacted, go to Apple’s remember page and go into the identification number, which can be discovered by clicking the little Apple logo design in the upper-left corner of the menu bar and after that clicking “About This Mac.”