On March 11, English rower Lee Spencer got here on the coasts of French Guiana, alone in a rowboat.

He had actually rowed throughout the Atlantic from Europe to South America– a range of 3,800 miles. Spencer triggered from Portugal, beating the previous trans-Atlantic crossing rowing record for that path by a complete 36 days.

“I was out there for 60 days, 16 hours, 6 minutes,” Spencer informed Organisation Expert by phone from South America, where he was recuperating from the journey. “That’s the brand-new record.”

When he reached the coast in Cayenne, he instantly stated: “I can definitely, unconditionally state never ever once again.”

Spencer, a previous Royal Marine who had actually constantly taken pride in his physical strength, lost his best leg 5 years back when he stopped to assist at the scene of a mishap and was struck by an approaching engine.

“We tend to specify handicapped individuals by their special needs,” he stated. “That’s such a bad thing to do. So I believed if I can beat an able-bodied record as a handicapped male, at something as physically requiring as rowing an ocean, it’ll be a genuine favorable declaration that nobody need to be specified by special needs.”

Spencer’s 2 months in the boat were grueling. The 2nd night after completing his rowing journey, Spencer stated he bolted up from bed in his hotel space to naturally discover his “position” at sea, just to understand that he was safe on dry land.

“So part of me is clearly still out in the ocean, rowing!” he joked.

Here’s how Spencer achieved the task.