A British scuba diver made it through a terrible undersea mishap that left him under the North Sea without any oxygen supply for more than 30 minutes in2012


Chris Lemons was 100 meters (about 330 feet) undersea throughout oil-rig upkeep, connected to an assistance ship by a cable, when the cable was severed.

The cable offered his oxygen and the power for his headlamp. It was his only method of interacting with the remainder of the world.

Lemons explained his experience for a TELEVISION documentary called “Dying breath,” launched last month. Press product for the documentary explained how the mishap and amazing rescue decreased.

Lemons fell unconscious and was recovered.

Lemons’ assistance ship suffered a system failure and began to wander in the sea, dragging him and another scuba diver, Dave Yuasa, in addition to it. Lemons’ cable snagged, extending and snapping prior to Yuasa might assist him.

Lemons was caught with about 5 minutes’ worth of oxygen inside his match. The team understood it could not save him for a minimum of 30 minutes.

A team member brought up the severed chord and yelled, “I have actually lost my scuba diver! I have actually lost my scuba diver!”

Lemons informed the BBC that utilizing his restricted oxygen, he handled to reach the top of the structure he had actually been dealing with, however then recognized he might not do anything else and presumed death would follow.

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“I recognized extremely rapidly that completion was nigh,” he stated. “I was on a countdown clock, and it was counting extremely quick.”

Lemons acknowledged the slim opportunity of his survival: “I believe as soon as I accepted there was no hope of survival, I was helpless to do anything to conserve myself. A peaceful resignation came by me.”


He included: “I remember it being a duration of fantastic unhappiness truly, of shock. How I might discover myself in this dark, unfortunate, dreadful location and this is where I would end my days. I considered everyone in your home and the mayhem I would trigger.”

Lemons fell unconscious.

When the team members went back to recuperate him, they anticipated to obtain a body.

However Lemons made it through and did not have any long-term damage from the experience.

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Lemons informed the BBC that the restricted oxygen in his match had “a high concentration of oxygen which filled my tissues and cells to permit me to endure.”

He informed BBC Future that he got up puzzled after getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He stated he saw Yuasa close by, “looking tired.”

“It was just a couple of days later on that I recognized the gravity of the circumstance,” Lemons stated.

Lemons went back to diving simply 3 weeks after the event and wed his then-fiancée.