The Arctic town of Kiruna isn’t for everybody. Its population is little (around 18,000 individuals), its temperature levels are freezing, and its place is remote (90 miles north of the Polar circle).

More uncomfortable still, the Swedish town is sinking.

As the house of the world’s biggest iron mine, Kiruna has a long history of digging listed below ground. In time, iron excavations have actually triggered the ground to agitate, threatening the security of houses, services, and historical structures.

However residents stay identified to protect the history and economy of their precious home town.

In 2004, Kiruna created a billion-dollar strategy to move itself a couple miles east, onto more steady area.

Almost a years and a half later on, the town has lastly revealed the very first of its brand-new structures– a gold-flecked city center and recreation center referred to as “The Crystal.” Have a look at its style.