Theresa "Tree" Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is back and stuck in a murderous time loop again, this time along with her friends.
/ Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is back and stuck in a homicidal time loop once again, this time in addition to her pals.

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There’s absolutely nothing much better than a creative take on the timeless sci-fi time-loop trope– which’s what we got in in 2015’s darkly comic slasher film, Delighted Death Day We plainly weren’t the only ones who desired more of the movie’s take on deja vu, as evidenced by today’s new trailer for its follow up, Delighted Death Day 2U

( Spoilers for the very first movie listed below.)

If you have not seen the very first Delighted Death Day and wish to prevent spoilers, you might wish to avoid the trailer, given that it opens with a wrap-up of the source product. So the follow up needs to need little to no watching of the very first movie (however, once again, we recommend you do simply that).

To wit: university student Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is killed on her birthday and discovers herself reliving that day over and over– much like Expense Murray’s weatherman in Groundhog Day(or Mulder and Scully in X-Files episode “Monday,” if that’s more up your street). She makes the most of the time loop to fix her own murder while handling a disturbingly envious roomie, Lori (Ruby Modine).

I’m not usually a fan of your typical slasher film, with some noteworthy comic-horror exceptions: Cabin in the Woods, Scream, or this year’s You Might Be the Killer Delighted Death Day fit right into that specific niche with its black humor and genre-mashing usage of the time loop trope. The movie was eclipsed by the excellent Go Out( both were produced by Blumhouse Productions and launched the exact same year), however it still earned $122 million around the world versus its modest $4.8 million spending plan and got favorable evaluations.

Director Chris B. Landon understood if he made a follow up, he ‘d wish to concentrate on why Tree wound up in a time loop in the very first location, instead of produce a straight retread. Therefore, Delighted Death Day 2U gets 2 years after the initial ended. A shared pal strolls in on Tree and her sweetheart, Carter (Israel Broussard), in his dormitory and states he’s having a severe case of deja vu “A day reset when you passed away?” Tree states. “I may be able to assist you.” After all, she has actually passed away 11 times currently.

She quickly finds that she is back in a time loop, however this time the killer in the weird child mask is likewise following her pals. (Paradoxically, the initial killer is amongst the early victims.) This is a crisis for the sorority: “Who’s gon na promise Kappa now that we have a death curse?” among Tree’s sorority siblings grumbles in pitch-perfect slasher-film style. The only method to reset the day and conserve her pals’ lives is– you thought it– for Tree to keep passing away till the killer is stopped.

That’s where the twist is available in. Some handy physics trainees with more over-confidence than sound judgment believe they can reset the day without Tree needing to pass away. Sadly, something goes extremely incorrect, and she discovers herself needing to pass away over and over once again to capture the killer in an alternate timeline.

Delighted Death Day 2U strikes theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14,2019 Lock this homicidal sequel up as a date film, we expect.

Blumhouse Pictures’ Delighted Death Day 2U trailer.