United States President Donald Trump’s Twitter beef with Iran deviated Saturday, when a leading Iranian authorities tweeted out a selfie with a satellite.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Iran’s info and interactions innovation minister, published a picture of himself standing in front of the Nahid-1 satellite Friday.

The post was obviously in reaction to Trump’s series of tweets about a rocket failure event that happened in Iran. Satellite images got proof that a launchpad in Iran’s area center had actually been charred by a surge. Experts hypothesized that the event was connected to the Nahid-1, the Associated Press reported

On Friday, Trump tweeted an image from a personal report on the event, declaring that the United States was not associated with the surge.

“I want Iran finest dreams and best of luck in identifying what took place at Website One,” the president composed.

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Jahromi’s selfie seemed a reaction to speculation about the Nahid-1, recommending that it was still undamaged. However this isn’t the very first time that the authorities has actually required to Twitter to ridicule Trump. He formerly composed that the president must change “uninteresting” United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with comic Jimmy Fallon, tweeting out an SNL clip about racists supporting Trump.

On August 22, Jahromi tweeted, “We are all linked, not separated islands. Trump’s sanctions will harm the United States initially.” He’s slammed the president for his withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Strategy with Iran and the European Union. He’s even buffooned Trump as a “coward” and satirized the debate over the size of his inauguration crowd.

While attention stays concentrated on Trump’s handling of the supposed Iranian rocket surge, it stays to be seen whether Jahromi will lastly get a reaction from the president.