Today marks the 35 th yearly World Environment Day, a worldwide occasion led by the United Nations that intends to increase around the world action to assist safeguard our environment.

People stand out at consuming resources and developing waste. Not just does manufactured contamination– in all its myriad types– adversely effect the world’s environment and environments, it can likewise be lethal.

Burning nonrenewable fuel sources like oil and gas, for example, releases damaging air toxins like benzene (a chemical connected to youth leukemia and blood conditions) and formaldehyde (an understood carcinogen). Plus, it sends out big quantities of co2 into the environment– which leads more heat to get caught in the world.

Every year on World Environment Day, the UN projects to raise awareness about ecological concerns like marine contamination, carbon emissions, and overpopulation. In 2019, their focus is air contamination, which triggers 8.8 million deaths every year worldwide.

When we think about contamination, smog, oil spills, and litter frequently enter your mind. However there are other, less apparent toxins that individuals spread out all the time.

Here are 19 various kinds of contamination that affect the environment– and human health— every day.