The frustrating worth possibility of low-cost 1080 p Televisions has actually led to a dry spell of good computer system displays in my house. My main screen does not even have HDR. Given that small amounts isn’t my thing, the greatest over-correction I might think about was to include a substantial, curved Alienware AW3418 DW.

Credit: Nicole Gray

Alienware’s 34- inch curved video gaming display is a sophisticated piece of innovation, however we’ll require to put down some specifications prior to we go any additional.


  • Screen: 34- inch Ultrawide (21:9 element ratio) LED
  • Refresh rate: 100 hz (120 hz overclocked)
  • Resolution: 3440 X 1440 WQHD
  • Seeing angle: 178 degrees
  • Front ports: power cable television adapter, line-out port, USB port with Power Charging, earphone jack, USB 3.0 port
  • Rear ports: USB upstream port, (2x) USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, Show Port
  • Measurements: adjustable height 442.44 mm– 560.89 mm (1742 inches– 22.08 inches), width: 813.45 mm (3203 inches), depth: 319.09 mm (1256 inches), weight (without stand, for VESA install): 7.27 kg (1610 pound)

First Of All, this thing utilized to be excessively costly at $1,600 Now, under a grand, it makes a bit more sense for those people who currently have high-end PC systems. And, perk: if you’re thinking about updating from a routine TELEVISION to a curved 1440 p video gaming display, you might wish to seek advice from a doctor to ensure the smile-muscles in your face can manage it. It’s a breakneck shift that’ll leave you questioning how you ever lived without a high-end video gaming display.

And, even if you have actually got a state-of-the-art flatscreen keep track of, you’ll most likely see a substantial distinction in immersion the minute you boot up among your preferred video games on this curved charm. For me, this suggested rebooting Grand Theft Vehicle V and enjoying it with the very same wide-eyed interest as I did when I played it for the very first time.

There’s just a handful of video gaming displays that take on the AW3418 DW. Some boast much better specifications in one location or another. However I believe Alienware’s is the very best general plan– so long as you do not require speakers, asit does not have actually any integrated in.

If you do require speakers, think about Acer’s 34- inch Predator curved video gaming display. I believe the Alienware display has much better aesthetic appeals and a somewhat crisper, brighter image. However the Predator has remarkable 7w speakers that sound extraordinary for built-ins. In the end however, I ‘d rather have the Alienware on my desk and a good headset on my ears.

As far as the aesthetic appeals go, I have actually examined a great deal of Alienware equipment and I have actually never ever stated this prior to: I ‘d select this display over the others in its class due to the fact that of its suppressed, expert look. Yeah, that’s right: it’s an Alienware item that does not firmly insist upon itself. I like that in a display. I desire my attention on the screen, not sidetracked by extraneous crap. To that end, the display does have actually LED lighting (do not go nuts gamer-types, it exists), however it’s on the behind where all you tend to see is the radiance from it.

Credit: Nicole Gray

More crucial is the performance of the display. A lot of high-end displays have robust systems for changing the screen position and Alienwnare does not dissatisfy. The complete series of motion consists of a 5.1-inch height period, 5-degree down and 25- degree up tilt, and a 40- degrees side-to-side rotation in either instructions. Changing the display is smooth and simple. You simply get it and move it. This level of versatility indicates I can discover the maximum ergonomic watching angle. That’s assisted lower my neck and neck and back pain after hours at my desk.

Credit: Nicole Gray

Credit: Nicole Gray

There are 6 navigation buttons on the bottom of the display, these control the numerous settings such as brightness, G-Sync, overclocking, and blue-light filter. Power users can basically change expert-level settings by hand, and there are even numerous settings such as “FPS” and “RPG” created to change the screen for the very best category experience, however none of these matter. This display is remarkably tuned, right out of package. I examined the display with a complimentary color correction and screen calibration tool, the only idea I got come down to setting the color tone a bit warmer. I decreased to do so due to the fact that I choose it cooler to offset my dark walls. Your mileage might differ (however most likely very little).

Alienware made a superior display that takes about 5 minutes to set up and begin video gaming on out of package. It clicks onto its stand with a minimum of effort and has a detachable cable television case. It could not be simpler. You can fiddle with settings to your heart’s pleasure, or just video game on a well-tuned display screen and get lost in the curve.

Which, graphics fans, is where the Alienware wins my vote. The extreme curve of the screen is created to make you feel ridiculous for ever thinking you ‘d be much better off with 2 flat-screen displays than one gloriously curved Ultrawide. There’s a quite big sweet-spot for seeing. I had the ability to sit as far as about 3 meters (9 feet) and still feel overall immersion. I enjoy how natural it feels to look around while video gaming. There’s something to be stated about having more visual realty to deal with when it pertains to FPS video gaming, and this display permits you to delight in that benefit to its maximum.

Beyond video gaming, it’s a designer’s dream. I may recommend Dell’s bigger Ultrawides for those whose interests depend on the office or developer’s environments more than video gaming– caution: I have not examined the Dell-branded designs. However, otherwise, I discovered it outstanding for photography modifying and revolutionary for my everyday work. The Ultrawide position is likewise best for my production workflow as an artist, efficiently providing me adequate space to keep all those wonderful little plug-in windows optimized while I work out of my DAW.

Credit: Nicole Gray

The luster of this display can’t be over-stated. It’s apparent Aliewnare set out to make something worth admiring. And there just isn’t anything to gripe about here. It does not have speakers. That’s the only grievance I can think about.

This is a great display that makes your preferred video games feel more immersive, no matter the video game. And if you utilize it with contemporary titles– particularly on a system that makes the most of Nvidia’s G-Sync innovation, you’ll get among the brightest, best video game play experiences possible. I evaluated this display with an Alienware Aurora R8 running Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics, and as a display screen for an Alienware M15 laptop computer In both circumstances it flaunted Battleground V, Grand Theft Vehicle V, and Increase of the Burial Place Raider at ultra or extremely high settings without a single observable circumstances of screen tearing or visible hold-up.

At launch the AW3418 DW retailed for about $1,600 Today it can be had from Dell for $97999 and on Amazon for just $85900

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Released March 11, 2019– 21: 22 UTC.

Item AW3418 DW by Alienware