Previously in the year I blogged about just how much I enjoyed the iPod And you understand what? My sensations have not altered– it’s still the very best device ever launched. Herein lies the issue.

Apple, if you read this, please listen thoroughly. I require a brand-new iPod. Notification how I stated “requirement.” Desiring is a childish feeling. An amateur can desire. However requiring? Requiring is deep and complex. Requiring is adult.

So get me a brand-new goddamn iPod. Please.

However possibly there’s a factor Apple hasn’t launched a brand-new iPod. Perhaps it’s since it does not understand how to make it terrific. However you understand who comprehends precisely what requires to occur to make a brand-new, dazzling iPod? Me.

So let’s go through what that Apple needs to provide for a brand-new iPod.

A strong state hard disk drive

I was fortunate that my iPod’s hard disk drive stayed undamaged for about 5 or 6 years of usage. Others weren’t so lucky. I understood a lot of individuals who turned their iPod into a brick by dropping it.

A strong state hard disk drive in a brand-new iPod would make that issue a distant memory. Plus it ‘d be quickly.

Loads and loads of storage

I’m talking more storage than a shipping container. More storage than a port. A world’s quantity of storage.

The most significant iPod ever made was 160 GB, however that was launched a years back. Things are various now. So, Apple, please provide me an iPod with a minimum of 1TB of storage. Please and thank you.

Assistance for a series of file formats

Look, I desire FLAC files on my iPod. I desire that uncompressed magic. How else am I implied to fill that yummy terabyte?

A touch wheel

Take a look at that charm.

This is very important. I do not desire the brand-new iPod to be an iPhone clone. It has actually got to have that old-fashioned design wheel.

However it does not require to be stuck in the past. If we make it closer to a circular laptop computer trackpad (instead of the old click wheel), it might take the iPod to an entire brand-new level.

A giant battery

Another factor I do not desire this brand-new iPod to be a shitty iPhone clone (fuck you, the iPod Touch) is battery life. I wish to listen to music non-stop for days. I wish to charge this thing like as soon as a week at many. So jam a big battery therein. We have the innovation.

Just music apps

This is essential. The brand-new iPod should not have social networks, messaging, or video games– none of that shit whatsoever. It’s a music gadget, plain and basic.

Naturally you must have access to Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and comparable apps, however this must not be an iPod Touch.

To repeat: it must be absolutely nothing like the iPod Touch

The 10 th circle of Dante’s hell is filled with iPod Touches.

Bluetooth, WiFi, however no mobile information

Keep in mind, we desire this battery to last. And yeah, connection is very important, however if you actually require to listen to a particular tune, you can do that on your mobile. Do not sully the iPod with the requirement to have another information membership.

Bluetooth is very important though. I have actually been utilizing an old iPod a bit just recently and among my most significant gripes is not having the ability to link it to a bluetooth speaker.

An earphone jack

Do not fucking jerk me around with this, Apple. Put a goddamn earphone jack on this iPod or I’ll come at you hard. Tough

While you’re at it re-design iTunes

It might be excellent. It actually might be, however it’s drawn for over a years now. Begin, Apple, sort it out.

So will Apple ever launch a modern-day iPod? Naturally not. Despite the fact that it most likely would not take that much work to produce, it ‘d still be a specific niche item and the days of Apple making that sort of hardware are over.

Still, if it ever did choose to return into the iPod video game, a minimum of there’s a plan now. And my charges are rather affordable.

Released December 23, 2018– 09: 00 UTC.