A brand-new report from Bloomberg highlights the human labor that enters into making Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant– which comes integrated in to every Amazon Echo speaker– a little smarter.

The business has a mix of professionals and full-time workers all over the world evaluating and transcribing clips of discussions in between users and Alexa, according to Bloomberg. The concept, the report states, is to have people annotate those interactions, assisting determine expressions like “Taylor Swift” that may otherwise be useless to the software application.

“We just annotate an exceptionally little sample of Alexa voice recordings in order enhance the client experience. For instance, this info assists us train our speech acknowledgment and natural language comprehending systems, so Alexa can much better comprehend your demands, and guarantee the service works well for everybody,” an Amazon spokesperson informed Bloomberg.

“Staff members do not have direct access to info that can determine the individual or account as part of this workflow. All info is treated with high privacy and we utilize multi-factor authentication to limit gain access to, service file encryption and audits of our control environment to secure it,” the representative stated.

The Amazon employees, who number in the thousands, apparently have a chatroom, too, where they can get assist when they can’t rather construct a word or expression – or where they can share “entertaining” recordings, as Bloomberg puts it.

In addition, one Amazon employee informed Bloomberg that each member of this group will listen to as lots of as 100 clips a day where Alexa was erroneously or inadvertently triggered. Bloomberg reports that a person of these employees will examine as lots of as 1,000 clips in a nine-hour shift.

The report shows, nevertheless, that the material in those recordings can be rather major: 2 employees that Bloomberg spoke with in-depth what they thought to be a recording of a sexual attack. Individually, 2 employees informed Bloomberg that they were provided assistance that Amazon didn’t consider it its location to intervene in cases like these.

Amazon did not instantly return an ask for remark from Service Expert.

You can check out the complete Bloomberg report here.