After years of evading the concern, Amazon has lastly stated precisely the number of gadgets have actually been offered that have its voice assistant, Alexa, integrated in– and it’s a lot.

In a brand-new interview with The Edge that released late Friday afternoon, Amazon’s SVP of gadgets and services, Dave Limp, exposed that more than 100 million gadgets with Alexa constructed into them have actually been offered up until now.

Limp didn’t break out specifics on just how much of each gadget has actually been offered– for example, we do not understand the number of Echo Dots have actually been offered, although Limp informed The Edge that the number has actually gone beyond the business’s expectations and the Dot is now offered out for the remainder of the month.

The 100 million figure likewise consists of gadgets that are not made by Amazon, however are partner gadgets that have Alexa constructed into them. That might consist of whatever from the Sonos One speaker to the LG v35 mobile phone. In reality, there 150 items with Alexa integrated in, according to The Edge.

Still, it’s a remarkable figure, and especially fascinating provided the timing: the 2019 Customer Electronic devices Program starts on Monday, where AI voice assistants from both Amazon and Google are anticipated to be front and center.