It’s been 14 months because Amazon, the world’s biggest online merchant, stated its intent to develop a 2nd head office Established in Seattle some 23 years previously, Amazon stated it had actually gotten so huge that it required a 2nd home in another city.

The business’s year-long choice procedure had an extremely sweepstakes-like feel to it. Amazon set out its expectations for what it desired in a 2nd home town and assured a treasure trove of 50,000 tasks and a $5 billion financial investment to whichever fortunate city it chose.

Local government and authorities rushed to surpass each other and charm the online merchant, dangling tax breaks, exemptions of all types and even guarantees to alter their names.

Now, Amazon has actually supposedly zeroed in on New york city City and Virginia– and “ HQ2″ will likely in fact be 2 different workplaces. The relocation, which has yet to be validated by Amazon, has actually left a sour taste with some individuals who implicate Amazon of having deviously gamed the system.

Here’s a take a look at the series of occasions throughout Amazon’s questionable “HQ2” experience, and the weird phenomenon that Amazon worked up at the same time.