A leading Amazon executive stated Wednesday that FedEx’s choice to end its ground-shipping relationship with Amazon was “mindful uncoupling at its finest.”

“Absolutely nothing however regard for FedEx however they were extremely little piece of our network and vice versa, we want them absolutely nothing however the very best (mindful uncoupling at its finest),” Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of operations, stated in a tweet published Wednesday. “We have excellent tactical partners who belong to our long term strategy and we value what they provide for consumers.”

Amazon was accountable for 1.3% of FedEx’s sales in2018


FedEx stated Wednesday that the choice to stop providing ground deliveries for Amazon “follows our method to concentrate on the more comprehensive e-commerce market,” Service Expert’s Rachel Premack and Graham Rapier reported

In a declaration on the split, Amazon informed Service Expert, “We are continuously innovating to enhance the provider experience and in some cases that suggests reassessing our provider relationships. FedEx has actually been an excellent partner throughout the years and we value all their work providing plans to our consumers.”