WikiLeaks has released the specific area of over 100 of Amazon’s information centers for the very first time on Thursday. Formerly, just the basic location of these information centers was understood for security factors.

WikiLeaks reports that to keep these areas deceptive, Amazon utilizes different pseudonyms for each center.

Most significantly, at its IAD77 information center in Manassas, Virginia, Amazon is referred to as “Vandelay Industries”– a nod to George Costanza and his extraordinary shenanigans at the joblessness workplace in Season 3 of Seinfeld.

According to the WikiLeaks report, all Amazon staff members at the IAD77 information center wear Vandelay Market badges and utilize the Costanza-imagined business name in all correspondence with the structure supervisor.

There are 38 information centers situated in Virginia alone and a number of in the Bay Location and near Seattle, according to the dripped report. Amazon has actually centers spread out around the world in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia too.

WikiLeaks released a map determining the exact area of Amazon’s determined information centers in addition to the report.

The WikiLeaks report keeps in mind that Amazon is the biggest cloud service provider for United States intelligence neighborhood and is presently bidding on a $10 billion agreement to develop a personal cloud for the Department of Defense. The quotes for that agreement are due on Friday.

Amazon did not right away return an ask for remark.