Sen. Bernie Sanders’ costs to pursue Amazon stays stuck in congressional limbo.

Sander’s costs targeting Amazon and other big business– the Stop Bad Companies by Zeroing Out Aids (or, skillfully, BEZOS) Act– has actually not been raised in any committee or gotten any hearing. However Amazon’s statement Tuesday that the business will increase its base pay for all employees to $15 an hour implies Sanders has actually currently won.

Sanders’ costs, and the accompanying Home variation presented by Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, would enforce an extra tax on business that have employees on public support like food stamps. The objective: effort to require companies to pay staff members a living wage that would permit them to leave public programs.

Sanders’ costs likewise took direct target at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the target of the senator’s months-long crusade versus bad working conditions in the retail giant’s satisfaction centers.

While both Sanders and Khanna made a commotion about presenting the legislation, neither costs was always implied to end up being law. Rather, they were created to draw attention– and put pressure on Amazon to reform their pay practices.

What the Sanders costs did was boost presence for the problem of low salaries at Amazon. The problem likewise generated dispute amongst writers, believe tanks, financial experts, and political operatives, raising the profile of Sanders’ defend much better working conditions at Amazon.

Message costs aren’t unusual: Just 2% to 4% of costs presented in Congress are ever enacted. Of the Congresses considering that 1974, the 100 th Congress– which ranged from 1987 through 1988– holds the high-water mark for presented costs that were ultimately enacted, at 7%.

The majority of those nonstarter costs produce no outcomes whatsoever. For example, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama has presented an expense every year for the past 20 years to pull the United States out of the United Nations and any associated group.

Even higher-profile message costs produce couple of significant outcomes. The variety of Obamacare repeal costs gone by the GOP-held Congress while President Barack Obama remained in workplace sent out a strong message. However when it came time to really reverse and change the health care law under Trump, Republicans balked.

On the other hand, the Sanders costs and resulting public-relations press focused on Amazon was indirectly pointed out by the business as a factor for Tuesday’s statement. Bezos even reacted to Sanders on Twitter after the senator applauded the business move.

“Thank you @SenSanders,” Bezos stated. “We’re thrilled about this, and likewise hope others will participate.”