Amazon today exposed the long-rumored Lord of the Rings MMO that remains in the works is being established in cooperation with its internal Amazon Video game Studios– indicating we’ll quickly get both a brand-new Rings video game and that TELEVISION program it’s currently exposed.

There’s no word yet on a story or setting. Amazon Video Game Studios VP Christoph Hartmann stated in a declaration, “ Tolkien’s Middle-earth is among the wealthiest imaginary worlds in history, and it offers our group of skilled MMO designers– from the very same studio establishing New World — incredible chance to play and produce.”

We currently understood the video game remained in advancement– information initially appeared in 2015, though it’s been reasonably peaceful on that front considering that and the video game’s most likely still in the early phases of advancement. Today we understand Amazon’s tossing its resources into the video game, we can hope it’ll see a big increase in quality and size it may not otherwise have actually had.

This would not be the very first MMO embeded in Tolkien’s universe, and even the only one– Lord of the Rings Online is, as far as I understand, still around. Still, the in-game tradition covers a number of countless years, so if Amazon wishes to distinguish its video game from the previous offering, it might constantly set it throughout a various period. When the video game was very first exposed last September, a representative for Middle-Earth Enterprises (which owns the name rights to Tolkien’s works) stated it would have to do with “checking out impressive areas in Middle-earth throughout the years resulting in the occasions of The Lord of the Rings

According to a representative, the video game is being established in cooperation with Leyou, the Chinese business that owns Warframe designer Digital Extremes and which, unusually, utilized to be a poultry company Leyou’s releasing branch, Athlon Games, is run by Dave Miller, who dealt with Warner Bros on another Tolkien-branded video game, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

It’s not a big surprise Amazon is wanting to squeeze as much as it can out of the Tolkien license. There aren’t many dream franchises with that level of name-recognition, and the current success of Shadow of Mordor has actually shown there’s absolutely a market for LotR– branded video games. Around a decade-and-a-half earlier, a great deal of Tolkien video games emerged after the release of the movies– lots of rather exceptional, though some have actually considering that vanished. (Anybody keep in mind Guardians of Middle-earth?)

Apparently the video game and the Lord of the Rings TELEVISION program Amazon’s likewise dealing with will have no connection to each other, in spite of being established at approximately the very same time. Provided the length of time it can require to establish an MMO, I would not be amazed if the program sees the light of day initially.