AMD Radeon VII.
/ AMD Radeon VII.


AMD’s next flagship video card will be the Radeon VII. The VII slots in above the RX Vega 64 and averages about 29 percent quicker, putting it within spitting range of Nvidia’s RTX 2080.

The GPU inside the VII is called Vega 20, which is a die-shrunk variation of the Vega 10 in the Vega64 The Vega 10 is developed on GlobalFoundries’ 14 nm procedure; the Vega 20 is developed on TSMC’s 7nm procedure. This brand-new procedure has actually allowed AMD to significantly enhance the clock rate from a peak of 1564 MHz in the Vega 64 to 1,800 MHz in the VII. The brand-new card’s memory subsystem has actually likewise been uprated: it’s still utilizing HBM2, however it’s utilizing 16 GB clocked at 2Gb/s with a 4,096- bit bus compared to 8GB clocked at 1.89 Gb/s with a 2,048- bit bus. This offers an overall of 1TB/s memory bandwidth.

The brand-new chip has 128 ROPs to the old chip’s 64, doubling the variety of rendered rasterized pixels it can produce. Nevertheless, it does fall back its predecessor in one specification: it has just 60 calculate systems (3,840 stream processors) compared to 64 (4,096 stream processors).

With the clock-speed increase more than offseting the loss of CUs, the brand-new chip provides single-precision floating-point efficiency of 13.8 teraFLOPS compared to 12.7 from its predecessor. AMD is declaring that it basically matches the RTX 2080 in a variety of video games, with Battleground V, Far Cry 5, and Odd Brigade all called out as titles where the VII ties or beats the RTX 2080 at 4K with optimum settings.

Nevertheless, the VII does not have the RTX 2080’s raytracing assistance and is likely more power-hungry, as it’s anticipated to draw 295-300 W. Still, it implies that the card is excellent enough for single GPU 4K video gaming.

This isn’t the very first Vega 20 item to strike the marketplace. The Radeon Impulse MI50 and MI60 calculate cards currently utilize Vega20 Those cards, which do not have any screen outputs, are targeted at information centers along with for artificial intelligence, rendering, and other compute-intensive jobs. The MI50 has the very same 16 GB/60 CU setup and performs at near the very same 1,800 MHz, so it appears the Radeon VII is a consumerized variation of the MI50

The brand-new card will appear on February 7 and will cost $699 AMD will be offering a variation of the card straight, and there need to be third-party variations coming, too. AMD’s variation will deliver with Citizen Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and The Department 2